The Moose Mountain Health Care Corporation was established in May, 2010. The purpose of this corporation was to create a new model of rural medical practice that benefited both Physicians and patients. Our mandate is to provide adequate access to health care professionals and to health care facilities in our communities. This corporation is comprised of eight municipal governments that include the Town of Arcola, Town of Lampman, Town of Stoughton, R.M. of Brock, R.M. of Moose Mountain, R.M. of Moose Creek, R.M. of Browning and the the R.M. of Tecumseh.

The volunteers that established this model and the resulting non-profit corporation recognized that rural communities had challenges in preserving and maintaining rural health care within their communities. This recognition was only after several successes and failures in recruiting and retaining physicians to maintain clinic and emergency services. This new model of health care is to create a circumstance where physicians have a gratifying and rewarding work environment with compensation that reflects their tremendous responsibility coupled with the assurance of a work/life balance so they can have uninterrupted personal time away from their personal obligations. The corporation looks after the day to day financial obligations of the clinic including staff and medical supplies. This has been made possible by the financial support of the progressive minded entities listed above. This allows the corporation and its physicians and staff to focus on quality of care for patients and quality of life for physicians.

The corporation has also been lucky to have had enormous financial support from many businesses and residents of the area that has allowed us to have a modern facility with state of the art equipment including EMR (electronic medical records). This is important for continuity of care for the patients and to conform with all privacy legislation.